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Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics

Most tractor-trailers and heavy equipment manufactured in the past 20 years utilizes electronic systems to monitor and manage everything from engine temperature and oil levels to tire pressure and other critical dynamics.

Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair uses state-of-the-art, computer-based automotive technology diagnostic tools to pinpoint any engine, electrical or connected system issues.

All of our mobile service vehicles can perform precise computer diagnostics wherever you vehicle is located.

Don’t wait until you’re facing a major repair. Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair can diagnose potential problems to help save you from a costly repair.

Whatever the issue:

  • The engine light is on
  • One of the service lights is on
  • It sounds weird
  • Something is wrong, but you’re not sure what

We have the technology and the knowledge to get your truck up and running like it should.

Help is on the way!

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